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Why invest in Groww mutual funds?
Customer first
Products built to meet your financial goals, resources that aid your decision making and support that makes you feel truly cared for - we put you at the center of everything we do.
Focus on wealth creation
Consistency over intensity. We are laser focused on selecting securities that consistently compound returns to help you achieve your financial goals.
Simple and transparent
We communicate about the fund's performance, strategy, goals, and challenges in a jargon-free way, to help you make informed decisions.
Backed by Groww
Groww Mutual Fund, as the name says, comes from the same team that built Groww — India's leading investment platform, trusted by millions for its user-focused approach. With the same user focused approach, Groww Mutual Fund aims to bring to you carefully curated funds that help you achieve your financial goals.
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What is Groww Mutual Fund?

Groww Mutual Fund is a new asset management company with a simple mission - creating mutual funds that help you achieve your financial goals. Built by industry experts and the innovative minds behind the trusted Groww platform, we're all about providing you with a smooth and transparent investing experience.

How is Groww Mutual Fund different from Groww?

Groww Mutual Fund is responsible for creating and managing mutual funds that work for you. Groww on the other hand, is an investment platform where you can invest in mutual funds of all other fund houses as well, including Groww MF.

How is Groww MF different from other AMCs?

Each fund house operates under a unique philosophy guiding their wealth creation strategies and sticks to these principles to generate value for stakeholders. Groww Mutual Fund is no different ; our aim is to create steady, long term wealth for you by balancing risks and returns.

What kinds of funds does Groww MF have?

We have funds across 4 categories:
1. Equity
2. Debt
3. Hybrid
4. ETFs
Funds are also available in regular and direct formats.

Where can I invest in Groww MF?

You can invest in Groww Mutual Fund through :
1. All financial advisors or mutual fund distributors who are empanelled with Groww AMC
2. Designated Investor Service Centers (ISC) of Registrar & Transfer Agents
3. Leading online platforms and stock brokers providing MF investment facilities such as Karvy Fintech, MF Central etc
4. You will be able to invest in Groww mutual funds through the official website very soon

Who do I reach out to in case of any grievances or concerns regarding Groww Mutual Fund?

You can send your grievances at sup[email protected] regarding anything related to Groww Mutual Fund.
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